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As an attorney, you are extremely effective in the courtroom. You are great at preparing for trials and, You are an expert at prepping your clients. You know exactly what to say to the jury to get them to visualize themselves in the situation, and you get the best results for your clients.

But, being a great attorney doesn’t always translate into getting more cases online. Unfortunately high value cases that should go to you end up with lower quality competitors, because these competitors understand how to leverage attorney website marketing better than you.

You can predictably get more legal cases from your website with a little knowledge and Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing.

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This Guide Will Teach You 3 Things!

1. How to tell your story better and educate your prospective clients online.
2. How to attract more high value legal cases online.
3. How to track your website’s return on investment.

Betsey Herd


Florida Personal Injury Attorney

“For over 14 years we tried websites made by Lexus and Westlaw.  Our website was essentially just an electronic business card.  If somebody knew my name, they could find my website, but no one ever Googled for a personal injury attorney and found me.

Our business at Morgenstern and Herd has grown substantially since Accelerate Now took over our website.  Never did we have the results we’ve had since we obtained the services of Accelerate Now.  We couldn’t be happier with our website or the results.”

Law Firm Websites

Cole Sorrentino Website

You are an experienced attorney. You want a professional website that properly represents the quality of work you do. You know your current website has problems because it isn’t producing a good number of high quality cases on a regular basis, you just don’t know how to fix it. The common law firm website issues we encounter include being out-of-date, having design issues, being slow to load, or lacking quality content.

These are all great reasons for designing a new law firm website. But, it can be tough to know what your new firm’s website needs to stay ahead of the competition today. Start with a professionally designed, content-rich, mobile-ready legal website and you will start getting more high value legal cases.

  • Practice Area Content
    • Comprehensive, informative and custom practice area content.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Service and eBooks
    • Get more cases by adding 24/7 legal live chat operators to your website that instantly engages with your web visitors.
  • Legal Videos & eBooks
    • Informational videos and eBooks will educate prospects and generate more interest in your firm.
  • Automated Email Nurturing
    • Stop losing new cases. Custom email nurturing campaigns keep your firm top of mind.
  • Legal Mobile Apps
    • Over 50% of all search engine traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile apps put you in the palm of your clients’ hands.
  • Lead Tracking and ROI Reporting
    • Track your website and get real-time lead tracking and return on investment reporting 24/7.

Pricing:  A good stand-alone law firm website is going to cost You about $10,000. Our SEO clients, get a content-rich, legal website with unlimited practice area video production, eBook publishing, mobile apps, and our 24/7 website live chat service at no additional cost.

Legal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Legal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to get top organic listings on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) when someone types in keywords that are important to your law practice.

The top SEO position gets about 42% of the traffic and the majority of the new cases. The second organic position gets about 24%. The percentages continue to drop as you go down the page. Therefore, the goal has to be to get into the top spots. There is very limited business value to being on the bottom of page 1.

You may be struggling with SEO results.

To get top SEO rankings consistently, you need a law firm marketing partner that will produce a lot of high-quality, educational web content for you.

Richard Nicotra


New York Personal Injury Attorney

“We had a website that was built by one of the major media publishers in the area. This supposedly came with a very high price tag. When it was built, there were errors and issues with functionality and appearance.

Accelerate Now took us from being relativity obscure in web searches to being on the first page for almost all search terms that we consider important. New clients are calling all the time and we’re also getting good name recognition from those people that we have helped before.”

Practice Area Videos

Richard Nicotra Attorney Video

Showcase your legal expertise and build your brand.

You may be wondering what attorney practice area videos are, and why they are so important. Practice area videos provide answers to commonly asked legal questions. Practice area videos help people better understand their legal issue, introduce them to the attorneys at a firm, and help people find a law firm online.

You want a law firm marketing partner that offers unlimited practice area video production at no additional cost, because these videos help you ensure You will be successful online. For us, the idea of unlimited video production all started back in 2013.

In 2013, we went to our very first client, Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto, & Nicotra, PLLC and said, “Google really wants your website to produce a lot of useful content, so our SEO program is going to offer unlimited practice area video production. Would you like to give this a try with us?”

As soon as we launched their new website, they started getting cases. Their website went from delivering zero cases a month, to delivering 4 cases a month, then 8 cases a month. Today, they average 12 new cases a month from the internet, which is 60% of their personal injury cases intake.

The key to success online is to always keep an eye on what Google loves. If you do what Google loves, they will reward you with more top rankings and you will get more cases online.

Pricing: Individual videos can be purchased at a cost of $150 per video. Our SEO Clients, receive unlimited on-site practice area video production at no additional cost.

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Practice Area eBooks

Family Law Guide

Google has always loved good content, but today Google really loves comprehensive,  educational content.

One of the things we have done to improve our program since we started working with Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto, & Nicotra has to do with the addition of deep, definitive guide blog posts and eBook content.

We create definitive guide blog posts and eBooks that rank extremely well for everything covered in the books!

The practice area eBook content is added to your legal website.  Potential clients then have the opportunity to submit their email to get a free copy, along with related practice area videos.  This is all done automatically and the content is delivered via email over time, constantly driving potential clients back to the website.  This frees up a lot of time for our attorneys, because the initial prospect information gathering and sending is all done automatically for them.

Due to this automation, when their clients do schedule their initial consultation, they have a much more educated and happy client.

The results have been truly amazing.

Automated Prospect Nurturing and Follow-Up

Continuously drive prospects back to your website

Automated Prospect Nurturing and Follow-Up

  • First, your website visitors sign up to receive some free practice area information.
  • Then the system automatically sends these potential new clients content (eBooks, videos, blogs, etc.) at preset intervals, continuously driving them back to your website.
  • Through the educational process, they learn more about their legal issue, are introduced to the attorneys, and begin to understand how you would approach their specific legal matter.
  • This nurturing process keeps prospects engaged and drives more interest in your firm, leading to more cases.

Pricing: If you want individual practice area eBooks created for your firm with automated email nurturing, please give us a call. Our SEO clients, receive our automated prospect email nurturing system at no additional charge.

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Susan Scheer


New Jersey Immigration Attorney

“I have worked with other providers in the past, and I don’t want to name names, two major providers, and I have been sorely disappointed over the years that I was working with them.

Right from the beginning, Accelerate Now has over-performed and exceeded all my expectations. My experience has been over-the-top. I think anyone who does not engage in a business relationship with them to host your website and support you with SEO is making a serious mistake. These guys are awesome, and I’m serious!”

Legal Website Live Chat Operators

Live Chat Operator

As an attorney, you want your website to be more dynamic and productive. One easy way to make a legal website more dynamic is by adding a 24/7 live chat operator that engages your web visitors instantly.

Today, website visitors want instant gratification and engagement, regardless of the time of day. Research shows that many potential new referrals visit attorney websites after hours. So, you want a live chat operator that will monitor your website 24 hours a day.

The goal of a website live chat service is to engage visitors, assist them quickly and gather valuable information for you, such as:

  • The visitor’s name.
  • Their contact information.
  • A brief description of the legal issue they are facing.

Immediately following each live chat session, you should receive an entire transcript of the conversation for quick follow-up and appointment scheduling.

Adding a live chat operator to your website can improve your lead capture rate by as much as 20%.

Pricing: If you want to add a live chat operator to your website as a stand-alone service, it will cost $200/month. Our SEO clients, receive our 24/7 legal live chat service at no additional cost.

Local Directories and Citation Management

Local Directories

You may be frustrated because you don’t appear more prominently in the local online search results. This frustration may be heightened even more when you see lower quality attorneys appear instead of you.

Search engines are all about confidence. They want to ensure the results they are displaying to users are accurate and relevant. It is critical that the search engines understand exactly who you are, what you do, and where you are located. Local directories and citation sites help search engines verify your law firm’s information. This helps your law firm establish trust and authority, and helps give you increased rank in local online search results.

1. What are local directories?

Local directory sites specialize in indexing law firms based on practice area categories and geography. Some of the most common sites include Google Local, Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing, Yellow Pages, Manta, etc.

2. Why are they important for local SEO?

Today, over 60% of internet searches come from mobile devices. Due to this trend, search engines are changing the way they are displaying results, putting more emphasis on providing “geo-targeted” local results.

3. How can local citations help my law firm?

When your firm appears in our network of 70+ highly authoritative local directory sites, Google is more likely to display your law firm’s listing in the local search results with your user ratings, map location, and other key information that will encourage people to contact your firm.

Pricing: If you would like help claiming and maintaining your local directories and citations, stand-alone services start at only $99 per month. Our SEO clients, receive local directory and citation management at no additional cost.

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Tanya Freeman


New Jersey Family Law Attorney

“My old website was pretty static and was not user friendly. There was no way for potential clients to instantly speak to my office and there was no in-depth content.

Since I started working with Accelerate Now, my business has really improved. My client leads have gone from referrals from other attorneys in the community, to almost 100% online.  There is absolutely a return on your investment.”

Review Generation and Reputation Management

Review Generation

A proactive online review generation program can be extremely influential in ensuring your firm is perceived positively online. Plus, Google’s search engine algorithm prioritizes legal websites with positive reviews across a variety of platforms, placing legal websites with more reviews higher in the search results.

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting or contacting a law firm.
  • 84% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local law firm more.

Pricing:  If you would like help with review generation, stand-alone services start at only $99 per month. Our SEO clients receive review generation and reputation management at no additional cost.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

You may be worried that other attorneys are surpassing you online because you don’t know how to leverage the power of social media to increase brand awareness and attract new clients.

Social media can be powerful and easy.


  • 62% of people in North America use Facebook. Over 1 billion users log in daily.
  • Google+ reaches 38% of the entire US population.
  • LinkedIn has quickly grown to over 467 million members.
  • People watch about one billion hours of videos on YouTube every single day!
  • People send over 500 million tweets per day on Twitter.

Pricing: If you would like help maintaining your social media channels as a stand-alone service, please contact us for pricing. Our SEO clients receive social media marketing and content syndication services at no additional cost.

Arthur Pressman


New York Criminal Defense Attorney

“Partnering with Accelerate Now was the best thing I ever did. They have been very professional, and have lived up to their word to keep me at the top of the Google rankings. I couldn’t have asked for better results, and it was pretty quick!

Accelerate now is very responsive to my needs. I can pick up the phone and speak to someone directly, and they handle any concerns that I have. I would highly recommend them.”

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Tracking Leads and Measuring Your Website’s Return on Investment

Tracking Leads and Measuring Your Website’s Return on Investment

You may not have a good handle on how much money your website is making or costing you.

To understand your web marketing program’s return on investment, you need a robust lead tracking system. Your tracking system should show you where your top cases are coming from, and how much money your program is making you.

A Real-Time Online Reporting Portal Shows You Everything:

  • How many phone calls, live chats, and online form submissions your website generates each month.
  • Which clients came from your website and internet marketing program.
  • Where your clients are originating from online (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)
  • How your paid online advertising (PPC) program performing.
  • How your search engine optimization (SEO) program is performing.

Pricing: If you would like help setting up and managing a stand-alone system, pricing starts at $99/Month. Our SEO clients receive 24/7 access to our robust lead tracking and reporting portal at no additional cost.

Paid Online Advertising (PPC)


The key benefit of paid online advertising (PPC) is that an attorney is able to attract a good number of cases quickly and can cover any geographic area with ads, driving interested people directly to educational practice area resources on your website.

You may have tried online paid advertising (PPC) unsuccessfully in the past and you may be apprehensive about trying it again. There are many reasons for this. But, you shouldn’t let bad past experiences deter you. This is a very profitable legal advertising strategy that should be leveraged as much as possible.

The key is to use a PPC partner that has a lot of documented success managing local legal marketing campaigns.

A well managed PPC program will ensure your success and save you a lot of valuable time and money. It is important that your program be continually optimized to get you the best return on investment.

Over the years, we have learned the best ways to optimize legal marketing PPC campaigns and our success is documented. To get the best return on investment, we highly recommend driving targeted traffic directly to your educational practice area content.

Pricing:  A strong PPC program requires a minimum monthly budget of $1000 to start. 

Jean Mahserjian


New York Family Law Attorney

“The program we have with Accelerate Now is working very well. I really wanted a program that would bring qualified leads into my office, and that has happened for sure.

The work that has been done on behalf of my firm has been professional and exceptional. I’m very happy with the services provided.”

Informational Practice Area Content Is Key To SEO and Your Future Success!

Informational Content

It all starts with your website. If your website produces high quality informational practice area content, you will win with SEO and get more quality cases online.

To get consistent top search engine (SEO) rankings, you need to have a high quality website that provides a lot of useful information to web visitors.

Google actually assigns a quality score to your website.

When your website’s quality score exceeds your competition, you out-rank them online and increase your firm’s visibility, thereby attracting more cases.

Google looks at the following metrics to determine your website’s quality:

1.How long do visitors stay on your site?

2.How many pages do visitors view per visit?

3.Do visitors come back to view different pieces of information?

4.Do visitors interact with your content?

Your attorney website must be built with these things in mind. This might sound difficult, but all you really need is the right web marketing partner.  The next step is to download this guide (there is a special gift inside).

Click to Download The Attorney Marketing Guide

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