“Make no mistake about it Shawn is a genius. We all may be great trial lawyers but he is great at web site development, SEO maximization and a whole ton of stuff I’ve heard about but haven’t seen yet. He is beyond being a vendor, Shawn cares about our purpose and shares our passion. He ain’t cheap but he does fashion his estimates per the lawyer’s pocketbook. For you and Shawn it’s a win‑win.  Shawn’s been a real friend to the Edge. He’s revised several web sites, done some creative videotaping for us but even if he hadn’t I would still be writing this endorsement.”

Papa Don


“I’ve been practicing for 30 years and have always had a very disappointing web presence with generic and even some specialty providers. As a last ditch effort, I signed up with an aggressive “pay-per-click” campaign which did not work out well at all. I decided that I had to make a change. I researched nightly for a couple of weeks and determined that Accelerate Now was the very best website company for law firms in the entire United States. I contacted Shawn and his response and follow-ups were immediate. It wasn’t two weeks, and he was at my office video taping me for the website, e-book and youtube. He and I are adding constantly to my site which is already damn good. He will increase your positive reviews ten-fold, get you on page one, and send you caller information. When I did my research, only Shawn’s company offered a cell phone “app” for my law firm. He helps you cover all the bases. Shawn is a good guy, straight-shooter and serious about helping you out. I can text him at 7:00 a.m or 7:00 p.m. and he always gets right back to me. So you definitely want to call him and sign up. If you are on the fence, consider this: you do NOT want your competition to have this guy!”

Scott Humble


“Prior to Accelerate Now we had a website that was built by one of the major media publishers in the area. This came with a very high price tag and they had no less than three different web technicians to deal with before it was built. When it was done, there were tons of errors and issues with functionality and appearance. Worst of all they weren’t responsive. We would often send two or three emails asking for a correction or to pull something down and get no response. Once Shawn and his team got involved, they rebuilt everything. Our firm went from being way down in Google Search to being on the first page on almost everything that we feel is relevant. The results we have received have been fantastic. New clients are calling all the time and we’re also getting good name recognition from those people that we have helped before. One of the things that I’m asked is would we ever recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys who are looking to increase their web presence. From our standpoint, their group took us from being relativity obscure in web searches to being on the first page for almost all relevant terms that we consider important. I would truly recommend them to any attorney that was interested in really blowing out of the water any type of public exposure using web marketing.”

Rick Nicotra


“I have worked with other law firm marketing providers in the past, and I don’t want to name names, two major providers, and I have been sorely disappointed over the years working with them. It’s been over one year that I am now working with Accelerate Now, and right from the beginning, this team has over performed and exceeded all my expectations.

I can tell you honestly, I am a raving fan and I tell all my lawyer friends about them. Everything from fast response to phone calls, emails, shooting the videos, totally outrageous, something I never thought I would do before, but because of all their encouragement and support they’ve allowed me to offer something on my website that I never thought was possible.

My experience with Accelerate Now has been over-the-top. I think anyone, who does not engage in a business relationship for them to host your website, and support you with SEO is making a serious mistake. These guys are awesome, and I’m serious.”

Susan Scheer

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