Q.  How do you differentiate your firm from all the others legal marketing firms out there?

A.  Accelerate Now simply out works the other law firm marketing companies.

Accelerate Now provides advanced internet marketing services that deliver results quickly online.  We live by two simple rules: #1 Pay attention to what Google says they want and #2 Do what Google says. This simple approach has helped our law firm clients win online for years.

Accelerate Now offers a full line of advanced internet marketing services from secure website hosting, to reputation building legal websites, comprehensive legal practice area content, HD video production (shot onsite), eBook publishing, email nurturing, 24/7 live chat service, online review generation, local directory optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid online ad programs, and advanced lead tracking and return on investment reporting.

Q.  How much information is too much information?

A.  This is a great question.  Many attorneys are told that too much information on their website can actually interfere with people wanting to contact them. In reality, the opposite is true.  Most attorneys have far too little information on their website for someone to want to contact them.  If your firm’s website content answers the top questions people have related to their specific legal issue then there is no such thing as too much information.  More informational content is always better.  The key to getting more people to contact you is to give people the information they need and to give them multiple ways online for them to engage with you.

Q.  What is the most effective legal advertising method (Google, Billboards, etc.) to attract better cases?

A.  I think the most cost effective legal marketing method today is advanced search engine optimization (SEO) with website content marketing.  I have never been a huge fan of billboard ads, but branding ads on YouTube can deliver nice results.

Q.  How long does it take for SEO to be effective?

A.  This is a great question. Many attorneys are told that SEO takes a long time (1-2 years or more) to see great results, but an advanced SEO program can deliver results much quicker.

Q.  How can a solo firm with a small budget compete with big city firms that have huge budgets?

A.  The best way to compete with big advertisers online is with an advanced SEO and content marketing program.  These programs are relatively inexpensive.  this type of program can help you beat big advertisers online.

Q.  Doing your own blog for SEO vs hiring someone to do it?

A.  First of all, maintaining an active blog that delivers a lot of useful information on your website can really help you succeed online.  An argument can be made that having someone with experience in marketing legal practices makes the most sense, but that may not be possible due to budgetary constraints.  If this is your case, than creating your own blog is the way to go.

Q.  PPC vs SEO?

A.  Many attorneys want to know if they should invest in Google PPC Ads or SEO.  The best strategy is to first have a strong website with an advanced SEO and content marketing program.  Once you have that and you are getting good SEO results. Then if you want even more cases you can add Google Ads to your website marketing program.  You never want to send paid traffic to a landing page or a website that doesn’t provide a lot of useful information.  If you do PPC first, you will end up wasting a ton of money with very limited result the way of actual new legal cases.

Q.  How do you get started with community marketing?

A.  Community marketing can be effective.  We recommend that firms get started with local organization sponsorships.

Q.  How do you stand out in a crowded market?

A.  The easiest way for a law firm to stand out in a crowded market is with an advance SEO and website content marketing program.  The key is to create a lot of educational web content that will help people in your community find answers to their legal questions and of course your law firm in the process.

Q.  What is something practical that I can implement right now without using the “I’m too busy excuse?”

A.  Creating legal practice area videos is the most practical thing you can implement without having to give up a ton of your time.  These videos are then added to your website.  The videos will help your website stand out in your neighborhood.

We recommend question and answer video shoots that are really easy on the attorneys because the attorneys simply answer questions like they have done hundreds of times before during their consultations.

This is the easiest and least expensive way to improve your website.

Q.  Should I publish a book as a marketing strategy?

A.  This is a great idea.  eBooks are great marketing tools.  I would recommend you publish multiple eBooks and then make them available on your website with an email nurturing program.

Q.  Are the yellow pages making a come back?

A.  I don’t think the yellow pages are making a come back.  Sorry yellow pages.  That said, I think there are groups of people that don’t have a computer that are still using the phone book, so the phone book does still deliver some results.

Q.  What is the best way to track where your clients originate from online?

A.  It is critically important that you track your website’s performance online. To do this, you are going to need multiple online tracking tools. The tools we use are Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Dynamic Call Tracking.  If you use these tools you will know exactly where your clients originate from, as well as how well your website is performing online.

Q.  How to get more positive online reviews?

A.  Online client reviews are really important today.  You want to get as many positive reviews as you can, so we recommend putting a review generation program in place.  Your review generation program should make it easy for you to get good online reviews.  Your review generation program should be tied into your website, so your reviews can be integrated into your SEO listings on Google.

Q.  What should I do if I get a bad review?

A.  The first thing you should do if you get a bad review is analyze the review.  Many times people will leave online reviews that violate the review site’s policies.  If this happens, you can usually be successful getting the review removed.

If that doesn’t work, the next thing you can try is to contact the person.  Tell them that you are sorry they weren’t happy with their experience and let them know you want to make things better for them. Then ask them if they would consider removing the review.  If that isn’t possible, you want to respond to the negative review online.

In addition, you want to keep collecting positive reviews.  A large number of positive reviews helps to diminish the negative effects of one or two bad online reviews.

Q.  Can you give us a few cost effective ideas since I am solo?

A.  This is another great question.  We think the best first step for a solo is an up-to-date, reputation building website.  If you are looking for a couple of things you could add to your website on a smaller budget.  Here are some services that would definitely help your website perform better online:

1. Fast Web Hosting

2. Online Review Generation

3. Legal Website Live Chat Operators

4. Lead Tracking and Return on Investment Reporting