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Google AdWords for Lawyers

Google AdWords for Lawyers

Understand Your Customer's Brain

Learn what your potential legal clients are really thinking so you can develop web content that connects better and attracts more business.

Get your free copy of this book.

Understand Your Customer's Brain

Learn what your potential legal clients are really thinking so you can develop web content that connects better and attracts more business.

Get your free copy of this book.


The end work has been well thought through and responsive to our practice's focus and lawyer's personal proclivities. Shawn and his crew do not attempt to create a one size fits all solution but do use and incorporate innovative and personalized approaches in a very competitive market place. Having paid close attention to a wide variety of marketing companies and efforts in the legal space I haven't seen anyone with a more comprehensive focus on both quality and results. We are very pleased with the product and the working relationship we have developed.

- Kurt Holzer


I can't recommend Shawn and his team enough. They have been great from the start. As I celebrate 12 years as an employment firm, I finally feel like my online presence is where it should be. They take care of all aspects of my online presence. If you are thinking of redoing your web page, or trying to figure out how to generate leads, you owe it to yourself (and those that depend on you) to set up a meeting with Accelerate Now.

- David Myers


Have worked with them for several years. They are very responsive and on top of things. My website is consistently ranked in the top two positions. They have phenomenal reporting and show you how your website is attracting new business. Highly recommend.

- Art Pressman


My law firm in South Georgia made the tough decision to transfer our marketing from a local provider to Accelerate Now. Over the last few months we've seen a major increase in consultations, and we love the changes Shawn and his team made to our website. Even from states away, the team is always available for virtual meetings when we have questions. We're very happy with our decision to partner up with Accelerate Now!

- Paige Navarro

Google AdWords for Lawyers

Experience matters when it comes to Google Ads. We manage over $1 million dollars in Google Ads for lawyers.

Legal Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

You are here because you’re looking for ways to better connect with people online in need of your legal services, and you are considering Google AdWords. You may be looking at AdWords for the first time, or you may be looking at again after an unsuccessful first or second try.

Google AdWords is both extremely profitable, and tricky if you are a novice without a good road map.

The benefit of paid online advertising (PPC) is that your firm is able to attract cases quickly and you can cover any geographic area you desire with ads, driving interested people directly to your website.

Over the years, we have learned the best ways to optimize law firm PPC campaigns and our success is documented. We highly recommend driving targeted traffic directly to your best educational web content. Allow us to show you why.

Google Adwords for lawyers is effective and affordable. Online Ads place your website in front of the right people and help you attract more new clients.

Our Google AdWords Certified team delivers effective and affordable ad services that include the design, setup, maintenance and optimization of paid online advertising campaigns.

Contact us if you have questions about Google AdWords for lawyers. We want to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Why Use Google AdWords for Lawyers?

Your prospective new clients no longer go online; they live their lives there.  Today, people are online constantly seeking information.

Google_Partners_logoAccording to Google, people are conducting over 100 billion Google searches each month.

“Search” has become the default option for people when they want something.

With computers, tablets, and phones, users are connected around the clock.

People search during the day in “micro-moments”: “want-to-know,” “want-to-go,” “want-to-do,” or “want-to-buy.”

Each of these searches creates an opportunity to influence your target customers preferences and purchasing decisions.

Being there when someone is looking for your products or services is what positions you to attract new clients!

The businesses that effectively appeal to customers during the micro-moments are the businesses that succeed.

Focus on creating an experience that is relevant and useful at each touch point, by focusing on your customer’s needs. 

Important Online Advertising Facts:

4 out of 5 consumers want online ads that are customized to where they are: their city, ZIP code, or immediate surroundings.

50% of smartphone users and 34% of computer users who conduct local searches make a decision within 24 hours.

59% of smartphone users say they find mobile ads useful, and 56% have done a mobile search after seeing an ad.

In fact, 73% of mobile searches trigger additional actions, such as phone calls to a business.

Search ads drive an average increase of 6.6% in top-of-mind awareness, or TOMA.

When people were asked to recall up to five brands unaided, due to the effects of TOMA, brand awareness increased on average by 9.2%.

If you can focus on what consumers want in their moment of need and ensure that you are there when someone searches for you, you will be on your way to having greater success with your online advertising.

Biggest Mistakes Law Firms Make with Google Ads

There are several common mistakes that attorneys make when it comes to writing descriptions for their Google Ads campaigns. Here are some of the most common ones:

Failing to Highlight Unique Value Propositions

One of the key mistakes that attorneys make is failing to highlight their unique value propositions in their ad descriptions. Many attorneys may assume that potential clients already know what makes them unique, but this is not always the case. It’s important to clearly highlight what sets the law firm apart from its competitors, such as unique areas of expertise or a proven track record of success.

Using Legal Jargon

Another common mistake is using legal jargon in the ad description. While attorneys may be familiar with legal terms and phrases, potential clients may not be. It’s important to use plain and simple language that is easy for potential clients to understand, and to avoid using complicated legal terms that may be confusing or off-putting.

Focusing on Features Rather than Benefits

Attorneys may also make the mistake of focusing on features of their law firm, rather than the benefits that potential clients can expect to receive. For example, listing the law firm’s years of experience or number of lawyers may not be as compelling as highlighting how the law firm can help potential clients solve their legal problems and achieve their goals.

Ignoring the Importance of a Strong Call-to-Action

Finally, some attorneys may overlook the importance of including a strong call-to-action in their ad descriptions. A call-to-action is a clear instruction to the potential client on what they should do next, such as “Contact Us Today” or “Schedule Your Free Consultation”. Including a strong call-to-action can help to encourage potential clients to take the next step and contact the law firm.

Attorneys should avoid using legal jargon, focus on benefits rather than features, highlight their unique value propositions, and include a strong call-to-action in their ad descriptions for Google Ads campaigns. By doing so, they can create compelling and effective ad descriptions that are more likely to attract potential clients and generate

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads for Lawyers

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that attorneys often have about Google Ads, along with their answers:

Google Ads is an advertising platform provided by Google that allows businesses to create and display ads to people who are searching for relevant keywords on Google. This can be an effective way for attorneys to reach potential clients who are actively searching for legal representation.

Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, which means that attorneys only pay when someone clicks on their ad. Attorneys create ads using relevant keywords and phrases, and bid on those keywords in an auction-style system. The ads are then displayed at the top of Google’s search results when someone searches for those keywords.

Some best practices for creating effective Google Ads campaigns include conducting keyword research, creating compelling ad copy, targeting specific geographic locations and demographics, and including a strong call-to-action. It’s also important to track and measure the success of the campaign over time, and make adjustments as needed.

To ensure that Google Ads are seen by the most relevant audience, attorneys should conduct keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords, and target specific geographic locations and demographics. They should also create compelling ad copy that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of potential clients.

The budget for a Google Ads campaign can vary depending on the size and goals of the law firm, as well as the level of competition for relevant keywords. Attorneys should work with a digital marketing agency, such as Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing, to determine a budget that is appropriate for their specific needs and goals.

Remarketing is a technique that allows attorneys to target potential clients who have visited their website but have not yet converted into leads. By using targeted ads, attorneys can encourage these potential clients to return to their website and complete a contact form or phone call.

Client Law Firm Google Ads Story

Sarah ran her own law firm. Despite having a wealth of experience and a great track record of winning cases for her clients, Sarah struggled to attract new clients to her law firm. She knew that digital marketing was the way to go, but she didn’t know where to start.

That’s when Sarah discovered Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing, a digital marketing agency that specialized in helping law firms like hers. She decided to give them a call and was soon put in touch with one of their Google Ads specialists, Shawn.

Shawn began by taking the time to understand Sarah’s business, her target audience, and her goals. He then crafted a tailored Google Ads campaign that targeted people searching for personal injury attorneys in Sarah’s geographic area.

The campaign included a combination of text ads and display ads, as well as remarketing ads to target people who had previously visited Sarah’s website. Shawn carefully crafted ad copy that highlighted Sarah’s expertise, her track record of success, and her commitment to her clients.

As the campaign launched, Sarah was amazed at the results. Her law firm began to appear at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords, and her website started to receive a steady stream of new visitors. Best of all, these visitors were highly qualified leads, who were actively searching for a personal injury attorney.

Over time, Shawn continued to refine and optimize the campaign, based on the data he was gathering. He adjusted bidding strategies, added negative keywords, and experimented with different ad formats to find the winning combination.

Thanks to Accelerate Now’s expert guidance, Sarah’s law firm continued to attract more and more clients through Google Ads. She was able to focus on what she does best – representing her clients – while Shawn and the team at Accelerate Now took care of her digital marketing.

In the end, Sarah’s law firm had a constant stream of new clients, thanks to the effective Google Ads campaign designed and managed by Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing.

Contact Accelerate Now to help with your Google Ads

Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping personal injury law firms improve their online visibility, generate leads, and grow their business. We can help law firms with their Google Ads campaigns by conducting keyword research, creating compelling ad copy, targeting specific geographic locations and demographics, and tracking and measuring the success of the campaign. We can also use remarketing techniques to target potential clients who have visited the law firm’s website but have not yet converted into leads. By working with Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing, law firms can benefit from their expertise in legal marketing and Google Ads, and create highly effective campaigns that attract high-quality leads and drive business growth.

Client Reviews


Accelerate Marketing is professional, courteous and incredibly attentive to our needs. They have continued to keep our business website looking professional and updated. They have created outstanding videos that help us educate our viewers. Our experience with Accelerate Marketing has been wonderful. Highly recommended!

Ashley Mahserjian