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Law Firm Video Marketing

Tell Your Story Better.  Showcase Your Legal Expertise.  Build Your Brand.

Since 2013, we have been building all of our legal web marketing programs based on this same strategy.

The key to success online is to always keep an eye on what Google loves. If you do what Google loves, they will reward you with more top rankings and you will get more cases online.

Law firm video marketing is a core component of our attorney marketing programs.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

Pricing:  Our SEO Clients receive unlimited on-site practice area video production at no additional cost. Individual attorney videos can be purchased at a cost of $150 per video.

Law Firm Practice Area Videos

You may be here because you are looking for ways to help your legal practice perform better online.

If that’s the case then law firm practice area videos are important.  Contact us for a free one-on-one consultation to learn why and how we make the video production process easy and affordable.

A practice area video is basically a video answer to a commonly asked legal question.  Practice area videos help people understand their legal issue more, help people get to know the attorneys at a firm better and help people find law firms online.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

We offer unlimited practice area video production to all our SEO clients at no additional cost, because these videos help us ensure our clients will be successful online.  The idea of unlimited law firm video marketing all started back in 2013.

In 2013, we went to our very first client, Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto, & Nicotra, PLLC and said, “Google really wants your website to produce more useful content, so our SEO program is going to offer unlimited practice area video production. Would you like to give this a try with us?”

They were really unhappy with the results they were getting with their previous website and SEO provider, and they wanted to try something new to turn it around, so the partners decided to give it a try for one year.

We built them a new website with over 50 educational videos.

As soon as we launched their new website they started getting cases.

Their website went from delivering zero cases a month to delivering 4 cases a month, then 8 cases a month and so on.

A few months later, they decided to add a paid online advertising (PPC) campaign and increased their new case intake even more. Today, they get 10-12 new cases per month from the internet.

Penalties & Fines For A DWI Arrest


Accelerate Now has produced over 100 educational legal videos with attorney Carl Spector on topics including DWI / DUI, Criminal Defense, Shoplifting, Assault, Drug Charges, Juvenile Crimes, Fraud, and more.

Attorney Carl Spector

I sought out a company that had the highest rating websites of their region. I wanted to be one of those high ranking websites in my region. I’m a local practice, but I’m also in a very, very, very competitive market. I chose Accelerate Now because they had an actual marketing plan that involved redoing my website’s design, putting together mobile apps, educational videos, and actual visits with me, to discuss how I was doing and how to improve the website, and most importantly the return. I’m happy to say I’ve been getting more calls, more emails, and more chats, and all of that has happened in a relatively short period of time. I’m very satisfied with their attention to me and my business.

Attorney Carl Spector / Law Office of Carl Spector


Accelerate Now has produced 100+ educational practice area videos with attorney Tanya Freeman on topics including divorce, family law, child custody, child support, alimony, and more.

The Steps In The Divorce Process

Since I started working with Accelerate Now, my business has really improved. My client leads have gone from referrals from other attorneys in the community to almost 100% online. I would absolutely recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys. The process I went through to set up my website, create my videos, blogs, and guides was very seamless and user friendly, and there is an absolute return on your investment.

Tanya Freeman, Esq. / Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney at Law

Pulled Over For Suspected DWI


Accelerate Now has produced 100+ law firm videos with attorney Arthur L. Pressman on topics including DWI, traffic violations, drug crimes, assault charges, and other criminal defense areas of law.

Arthur L. Pressman Attorney at Law

I would highly recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys. I have been with Accelerate Now now for over a year and it was the best thing I ever did! They have been very professional, and have lived up to their word to keep me at the top of the Google rankings. I couldn’t have asked for better results.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

Arthur L. Pressman / Arthur L. Pressman, Attorney at Law