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Attorneys Sponsoring Local Organizations

Attorneys Sponsoring Local Organizations

Most Overlooked Law Firm Marketing Opportunity Attorneys sponsoring local organizations gain competitive advantages over other law firms in their neighborhood online. This is the most overlooked law firm marketing opportunity. Local organization sponsorship is a great way to build awareness in your legal practice online and you can do this effectively with a small monthly budget. […]

Advanced SEO For Law Firm Websites

Legal Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your law firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) program will perform better on Google if you pay more attention to an advanced SEO technique called structured data or Schema. Structured data or Schema is what we use to tell Google what our individual web pages are about and to take advantage of advanced features on Google. […]

Making Legal Practice Area Videos

Adding educational legal videos to your law firm’s website is one of the best things you can do to increase interest in your firm and perform better on Google. Educational legal videos are not commercials. These videos are answers to the most common questions people have when they have a legal issue. For example, let’s […]

Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing Case Study

Law Firm Marketing Case Study

Trial Lawyer Getting No Google Rankings… Then Major Success Within Months with Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing A few years ago, a New York Trial Lawyer was really frustrated with his website and online presence.  He had three big concerns.  His first concern was that his website didn’t properly represent the quality work he was […]

The Attorney Digital Marketing Guide


Law Firm Websites You are an experienced attorney. You want a professional website that properly represents the quality of work you do. You know your current website has problems because it isn’t producing a good number of high quality cases on a regular basis, you just don’t know how to fix it. The common law […]

Two ways your website speed is costing you customers, and what you can do about it

Two ways your website speed is costing you customers, and what you can do about it

Fast Pages, Fast Facts: 40 percent of Web users abandon a site if it >3 sec to load 47 percent of Web users expect a page to load in <2 sec 52 percent of Web users say fast load time is important to brand loyalty Source: Google AdWords Think back to the last time you […]

Creating (and Managing) a Google Video Ad Campaign

Creating (and Managing) a Google Video Ad Campaign for your Law Firm

Online videos, whether containing informational content or paid advertising, are a great way to inform, entertain, and engage potential clients for your business more deeply than you can with text or images alone. There’s no better way to boost your businesses profile and convince potential clients of your expertise, attitudes, and beliefs. Check Out Our […]