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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

Grow Your Law Firm With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing

You may worry that other law firms are going to pass you by online because you are not leveraging the power of social media to attract new legal cases. We will make social media marketing easy for you, and manage everything for your firm.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

  • 62% of people in North America use Facebook. Over 1 billion users log in daily.
  • People send over 500 million tweets per day on Twitter.
  • People watch about one billion hours of videos on YouTube every single day!
  • Google+ reaches 38% of the entire US population.
  • LinkedIn has quickly grown to over 467 million members.

Pricing:  Our SEO clients receive social media marketing and content syndication services at no additional cost. If you would like help maintaining your social media channels as a stand-alone service, please call for pricing.


Social Media Marketing

Over the last decade, social media has emerged as a primary means of connecting people around the world. The rise of media empires such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn has enabled people in all parts of the globe to exchange information at a rate unlike anything before in human history. Anyone with internet access and a valid e-mail address can send text and photos, livestreams and memories, and videos and URLs across thousands of miles with the click of a button, connecting people from Albania to Zimbabwe in an instant. With the expansion of the Internet and social media, marketing has experienced a similar boost in accessibility, and social media websites are now among the top providers of advertisements. To capitalize on this trend, Digital marketing companies utilize multiple platforms in order to publicize their clients, who can consequently appeal to a wider audience. With over 2 billion people worldwide actively using social media, marketing on these websites provides an opportunity for businesses to drastically expand their client bases and attract a broader range of customers.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

As the Internet has expanded to more and more countries, social media options have similarly increased in number. Facebook, as the most widely used social media website in the world, is a prized platform for marketing, with the availability of “like” and “share” options encouraging users to spread text, images, and other media among their social networks. LinkedIn is the professional counterpart of more informal sites such as Facebook, and this reputation forms the grounds for the publication of high-quality content across professionals and businesses. Google Plus (also known as Google+), a rival social media service created by Google, enhances the sharing of material by grouping users according to shared interests.

Unlike many of its competitors, Twitter restricts the length of its users’ posts, allowing for faster dispersal of information. Because YouTube and Vimeo are among the most frequented video hosting sites in the United States, users on both sites can create short clips and extended films that are shared on other platforms. Most members on any one of these sites tend to have profiles on several others, so content produced and uploaded on one platform can quickly be broadcast on multiple sites, and therefore to a much greater audience.

What these sites offer are the users themselves: virtual word of mouth. The swift spreading of information on social media is heavily conducive to marketing. Facebook is home to tens of millions of posts each minute, and the overwhelming majority of businesses in the United States maintain a presence on the site. Because LinkedIn is inherently a social network for professionals, its referrals constitute almost two-thirds of social media-driven referrals to company websites. Google Plus promotes the creation of circles based on common interests, and businesses can use these circles to circulate information about their practices. Despite the brevity of posts on Twitter, users can easily follow a company’s activity, and they are more likely to buy products from a company after they become followers. Businesses are able to develop their own channels on YouTube and Vimeo, and the videos on these channels can incorporate keywords in their descriptions in order to drive traffic. Using even one of these websites can increase interest in a business and its products or services and using all of them in conjunction is an effective way to increase web presence and draw in more customers and clients. To learn more about our social media marketing services, contact us today.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide