Attorneys Sponsoring Local Organizations

Most Overlooked Law Firm Marketing Opportunity

Attorneys sponsoring local organizations gain competitive advantages over other law firms in their neighborhood online. This is the most overlooked law firm marketing opportunity.

Attorneys Sponsoring Local Organizations

Local organization sponsorship is a great way to build awareness in your legal practice online and you can do this effectively with a small monthly budget.

There isn’t a local organization sponsorship network that attorneys can’t tap into, but many of these organizations have similarities and consistencies.

This is what we recommend.

Local Organizations Love Attorney Sponsors

Most organizations are driven by membership dues, donations and sponsorships.  You can sponsor local sports teams or other organization you want to support, which is great.  In addition to that, if you are a personal injury attorney a good strategy may be to also identify local organizations that align a little more closely with your legal practice.

For example, let’s say you are a personal injury attorney and you want to help more people in your community that are seriously injured in a specific type of accident or injury.  In this case, it might make sense to identify local organizations that support people and events that are better aligned with people that may need your legal services in the future.

Legal Practice Areas and Local Organization Sponsorship Opportunities:

Car Wreck Injuries – Car Clubs and Events

Bicycle Injuries – Bike Clubs and Events

Motorcycle Crash Injuries – Motorcycle Clubs and Events

Boat Crash Injuries – Boating Organizations and Events, etc.

Local organizations Don’t Require Large Donations For Lawyers

Once you identify the organizations you want to sponsor, the next step is to reach out to the organizations. Let them know that your law firm may be interested in sponsoring their organization.  A good sponsorship opportunity should cost your firm between $250-$750 dollars per year, so most firms can afford to add local sponsorships easily.

Local Organizations Recognize Attorney Sponsors Online

Tell the organization that you would like to sponsor their organization and in exchange for your sponsorship, you would like to be recognized on their website.

Local Organizations Help Build Awareness in Legal Education Resources

After you establish your local sponsorship, the next step is to make them aware of the legal educational resources you have created.

For example, let’s say you created a motorcycle crash injury guide and video education series that could help members after an accident.  Go to your motorcycle club and tell them about these free educational resources and where to find them on your website.

Ask the organization if they think it might be a good idea to let their members know about these resources by mentioning them in a social media update and adding them to the organization’s newsletter.  Most organization would be happy to do this.  This will help you get even more exposure for your legal practice.

Need help doing this for your legal practice?

Give us a call.  We will help you create a successful sponsorship program for your law firm.

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