Google AdWords | PPC for Attorneys

Are you looking to maximize your law firms online exposure or target just the clients you’re looking for?

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a fast and cost-effective form of online marketing that allows you to generate highly qualified leads to your website.

With PPC, you only pay a fee when someone clicks on your ads.

Search, display, and video advertising are some of the most popular forms of PPC for attorneys.

Search advertising allows you to place your ads in a search engine sponsored link when someone searches for keywords related to your area of law.

Technology and the way people search for law firms is constantly changing, and you’re busy enough trying to run a successful law firm that it’s hard to keep up.

This is where Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing can help.

We manage successful law firm pay-per-click campaigns for our legal clients.

While you are spending time on growing your law firm, we will spend time managing your PPC campaign, saving you money, and bringing you new clients from the internet.

Our process is quite simple. First, our Google Certified Team of law firm marketing specialists perform extensive keyword research to find the queries potential clients are using to find your law firm online.

Then, we create compelling, highly targeted ads that speak directly to your potential clients.

We then identify the best landing page that makes those visitors convert into clients.

Once your account is set up, we continuously monitor it’s effectiveness, and make adjustments accordingly to ensure you always stay on top of the search engine pages. This increases your online exposure and helps you bring in more traffic, more qualified leads, and ultimately more clients.

PPC has several advantages over the typical SEO techniques because as soon as your campaign begins, your website traffic starts increasing instantly.

If time is a factor, and you’re looking for fast results, then PPC is the best solution for your law firm.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss why PPC for attorneys is so important in increasing your law firms online presence.  Check Out Our Attorney Marketing Guide