Trial Lawyer Association, School and Magazine Lists

Below is a list of the best trial lawyer associations, schools and magazines in the United States.  If you are a trial lawyer or your want to be a trial lawyer this page contains resources that will help you take your game to the next level.If you want help with trial lawyer marketing we can help.  The first step in transforming your trial law practice is understanding your customers so you can connect better online.  Check out this free PDF.  It will change the way you communicate with clients online. If you want to talk about marketing possibilities for your trial law firm schedule a call with us.


Accelerate Now recommends all the trial attorney associations below:
Alabama Association for
Mississippi Association for Justice
Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers Missouri Association of Trial
Arizona Association for Montana Trial Lawyers
Arkansas Trial Lawyers Nebraska Association of Trial
Consumer Attorneys of Nevada Justice
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los New Hampshire Association for
Capitol City Trial Lawyers
New Jersey Association for
Consumer Attorneys of San New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association &
San Francisco Trial Lawyers New York State Trial Lawyers
Orange County Trial Lawyers North Carolina Advocates for
Colorado Trial Lawyers North Dakota Association for
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Ohio Association for
Delaware Trial Lawyers Oklahoma Association for
Trial Lawyers Association of Metro Washington Oregon Trial Lawyers
Florida Justice Pennsylvania Association for
Palm Beach County Justice Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers
Georgia Trial Lawyers Philadelphia Trial Lawyers
Hawaii Association for Justice Rhode Island Association for
Idaho Trial Lawyers South Carolina Association for
Illinois Trial Lawyers South Dakota Trial Lawyers
Indiana Trial Lawyers Tennessee Association for
Iowa Association for Texas Trial Lawyers
Kansas Association for Utah Association for
Kentucky Justice Vermont Association for
Louisiana Association for Virginia Trial Lawyers
Maine Trial Lawyers Washington State Association for
Maryland Association for West Virginia Association for
Massachusetts Academy of Trial Wisconsin Association for
Michigan Association for Wyoming Trial Lawyers
Minnesota Association for American Association for Justice

Trial Lawyer Schools

The best trial lawyer school in the United States is the Keenan Trial Institute.  If you are looking to take your trial law skills to the next level check them out.  They offer a lot of great books, pre-recorded seminars, live seminars, as well as undergraduate and graduate course options.  Papa Don is hands down the best trial lawyer in the country. I know there are other trial law schools in the country, but KTI is the one we recommend to everyone.

Trial Lawyer Magazines

The Trial Lawyer MagazineTrial Magazine – AAJThe National Trial Lawyer Magazine  

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