Mobile Advertising in Ashburn

Advanced Location-Based Mobile Advertising

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We offer an advanced location-based, mobile advertising serivce that allows you to reach the mobile devices at a location and serve intelligent advertisements to those mobile devices.

Our technology tracks the mobile phone’s ID at the location, not the smartphone users’ personal information.  There are no privacy concerns.  Smart phone users are simply served mobile ads and they are able to take advantage of more special offers and deals while maintaining their privacy.

We offer two main mobile advertising opportunities.  Your business can reach people live in real time and you can reach people after they leave a location.

Let’s look at a real word example.  In this example, we will use Accelerate Now Digital Marketing.  Accelerate Now sells websites and digital marketing services and they go to trade shows to build brand awareness and secure new clients.

Accelerate Now has two main trade show challenges: (1) Accelerate Now doesn’t always get as much exposure at the trade shows as we would like, and (2) Accelerate Now isn’t able to physically get to all trade shows.

Mobile Advertising is perfect for Accelerate Now.

During a trade show, we set up a mobile advertising fence around the trade show’s physical location and we serve mobile ads to the event attendees. After the trade show is over, we continue to advertise to the attendees into the future.

If you want to grow your business, you should consider trying our mobile advertising.  Please contact us to set up a free and confidential consultation.