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Adding educational legal videos to your law firm’s website is one of the best things you can do to increase interest in your firm and perform better on Google. Educational legal videos are not commercials. These videos are answers to the most common questions people have when they have a legal issue. For example, let’s say someone was recently injured in an automobile crash caused by someone else and they are trying to figure what to do and who they want to legally represent them.

The first thing this inured person does is go online. When they get to Google, they type in things like, “Who is responsible for paying my medical bills?”, “How long do I have to file a claim?”, etc. Here are some sample educational auto injury legal videos and a bonus video question list to help you get started creating auto injury legal videos.

We make legal videos available in educational series on our websites. This helps us drive a lot more interest.

Now let’s talk about the equipment. We can’t just use any equipment to shoot video. We don’t want to use our laptops, our cell phones, our tablets or a GoPro. Sorry GoPro but using the wrong video equipment is the first mistake we want to avoid.

Do yourself a favor and get the right video equipment or you will waste your time.

Accelerate Now has created over 7000 legal videos over the years. The video equipment and software list below is the complete list of what you need to create high quality, educational legal videos.

Canon XA Video Cameras

• Easy to use HD camera with two microphone inputs.
• The auto focus functioning takes care of focusing and white balancing for you.
• Large internal memory with extra card slots gives plenty of recording time.
• Light and compact design makes storage and carrying easy.
• Retail Price: $1658.99



Sunpak 423PX2 – Tripod with Bubble Level Head

• Lightweight carbon tripod that is quick and easy to set up in seconds.
• The quick release head with bubble level provides even, stable shots.
• We use the Sunpak 423PX2 with 620 CPG Ball Head because of it’s durability, but you can purchase others with similar qualities.
• Retail Price: $169.95




Audio-Technica AT 899 – Lavalier Microphone

• Connects to the video camera using an XLR cable.
• Easy to use condenser microphone that delivers crisp and clear audio recordings.
• The low usage of power allows you to record several video sessions without changing the battery.
• We use the Audio-Technica AT899 because of how great the sound quality is.
• Retail Price: $269.99


Sennheisser HD 202II Sound Canceling Professional Headphones

• You want headphones that will block out ambient noise so you can focus on what the person is saying without distractions.
• Having comfortable headphones that don’t pinch your ears make long video shoots easier.
• We like the Sennheiser HD 202II because they’re easy to wear for extended periods of time.
• Retail Price: $57.40



25 Foot Microphone XLR Cable

• You will need a microphone XLR cable to connect your microphone to your camera.
• Many different brands of these cables are available, but we recommend getting one that has a thick rubber jacket with dual insulated copper conductors.
• Retail Price: $12.99



Class 10 Memory Cards

• It’s a good idea to have several memory cards to capture more video at one time.
• High quality, class 10 memory cards are required for shooting HD video.
• We prefer using SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB because of the reliability and cost.
• Retail Price: $36.52



Canon 100 DG Digital Gadget Bag

• We recommend a large padded interior bag with plenty of space to store all your camera gear.
• We prefer using the Canon 100DG Digital Gadget bag because of the padded dividers and the three exterior zipper pockets for added storage.
• Retail Price: $74.95



Video Editing Computer

• If you are looking to create high quality videos quickly and efficiently then you will need a computer that has enough power, storage space and screen size.
• Look for computers with:
• Multi-core intel processors (18-56 Cores)
 Ex: AMD Threadripper 1920X CPU
• 8-32 GB of Ram
• Dedicated Graphics Processing Unit
 Ex: AMD Vega GPU
• 1-2 TB Solid state drive
 Ex: Samsung 960 EVO Series
• Desktop computers are best to use over laptops. This is due to the large internal drive space and the ability to have several large monitors connected.
• We recommend purchasing a custom-made computer from a professional PC builder or at an online store that specializes in video editing computers.
• Retail Price: $2000-$4000

Adobe Premiere – Video Editing Software

• To edit your videos, you will need to choose a video editing software application.
• Free video editing programs come pre-loaded on newer computers, but they are limited in functioning.
• We recommend using Adobe Premiere to edit your videos. This program gives you the ability to edit with greater speed and precision. Premiere also works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
• Retail Price: $20-$50 a month for subscription.

Adding educational videos to your website can help you drive more interest in your firm and they are a great way for you to showcase your experience. Do yourself a favor and get the right equipment if you want to do this internally.

If you have any questions, please reach out and we will answer any questions you have.

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