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Attorney Robert Maranto


We had always been a firm that operated on the theory that by doing good work, we would continue to grow our practice.

Prior to starting, I can honestly say that our web presence was minimal if anything.

Now, with the Internet – and obviously this is the wave of the future for us – the number of leads coming in has gone up exponentially. This is an area where we did not have leads coming in before and, at the present time, we get communications constantly from potential customers, clients that come in as a results of seeing our website and seeing our ads through the marketing efforts of Accelerate Now.

Since coming on board our web presence has grown dramatically. Our case intake has increased because of that presence. Our website is flawless, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible.



I have worked with other law firm marketing providers in the past, and I don’t want to name names, two major providers, and I have been sorely disappointed over the years working with them. It’s been over one year that I am now working with Accelerate Now, and right from the beginning, this team has over performed and exceeded all my expectations.

I can tell you honestly, I am a raving fan and I tell all my lawyer friends about them. Everything from fast response to phone calls, emails, shooting the videos, totally outrageous, something I never thought I would do before, but because of all their encouragement and support they’ve allowed me to offer something on my website that I never thought was possible.

My experience with Accelerate Now has been over-the-top. I think anyone, who does not engage in a business relationship for them to host your website, and support you with SEO is making a serious mistake. These guys are awesome, and I’m serious.

Attorney Carl Spector


Let me tell you about my experience with Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing. Several months ago I was looking for a new marketing company. I was confused in how to find a marketing company because so many marketing companies find me. I wasn’t interested in working with any of those. I sought out a company that had the highest rating websites of their region. I wanted to be one of those high-ranking websites in my region. I’m a local practice, but I’m also in a very, very, very competitive marketing.

I chose Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing because of their plan. They had an actual marketing plan, one that involved redoing my website’s design, one that involved putting together apps or applications for mobile phones, one that encompassed putting together videos, and visits, actual visits with me, to discuss how I was doing and how to improve the website and most importantly the return, getting more calls, more emails, and more chats. All of that has happened in a relatively short period of time. I’m very satisfied with their attention to me and my business.

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