Divorce Lawyer Converts to Education-Centric Website – Achieves Wild Growth from the Internet

Location: New Jersey
Practice Area: Family Law

Divorce Lawyer Converts to Education-Centric Website – Achieves Wild Growth from the Internet

Location: New Jersey
Practice Area: Family Law

4x More calls than what Tanya was receiving prior

2x More key search terms in the New Jersey area

1st In Google search result rankings for key words in her region

My business has really improved Since I started working with Accelerate Now, my business has really improved. My client leads have gone from referrals to almost 100% online. When people come into my office they not only say they found me online, they say that they read my blogs and they watched my videos. That’s what brought them into the office. Tanya Freeman Attorney At Law


Tanya Freeman’s improved website, social media, improved SEO, and pay-per-click investment produced dramatic results in only two months. She smiles when she notes that these days a “slow month” means obtaining around 12 cases from her website.

Tanya Freeman is an experienced family law attorney serving northern and central New Jersey. When Tanya is not practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her neighborhood.Before partnering with Accelerate Now, Tanya’s practice faced significant challenges. It didn’t really have a set marketing plan for lead generation, and Tanya wasn’t sure where to spend marketing dollars.“For lawyers, there are a lot of paid programs in which we can join forces with an existing organization and have a website profile,” Tanya said.The problem was, she said, “not really knowing whether I was getting a true return on my investment, or being able to compare where my leads were coming from.“It was pretty challenging. We were just throwing money out there and not really sure if it was giving me a return on my investment,” Tanya added.Tanya was frustrated at feeling like her firm was being left behind by technology, noting that even with word-of-mouth referrals, website rankings are important, because people go online to find a lawyer.Tanya tried to overcome these challenges by joining professional organizations and attending mixers, but neither generated leads.“You attend these events, and there are 200 other lawyers in the room handing out business cards. It’s not real effective,” Tanya observed.At the time, Tanya was only getting 2 to 4 cases per month.Tanya knew she had to do something different.  She contacted Accelerate Now for help with her website and digital marketing goals.

An Education-Centric Legal Website

In today’s technological environment, people do the majority of their research online.  People are 60% through their selection process before ever pick up the phone to schedule a legal consultation.Potential clients look at attorney websites to gauge how helpful they will be. If the website of a law firm lacks useful educational content, visitors get frustrated and quickly leave.It’s easy to see why a legal website that doesn’t provide quality educational information would fail to consistently attract quality clients.The team at Accelerate Now explained how vital it is for a law firm’s website to provide valuable educational information relevant to visitors’ legal issues. Tanya’s website would need to teach prospective clients what to do, what mistakes to avoid, and give them an overview of the legal process.The Accelerate Now team told Tanya, “People searching for answers on your site are most likely going to feel let down if it has very little educational content. Frustration and disappointment at not getting their needs met leads web visitors to leave your website. They’re not going to contact you to ask their questions if they see your website doesn’t provide them with the information they need.“The good news is, changing the nature of your website content and its delivery will greatly improve your Google SEO rankings as well as the number of legal cases you attract each month from the internet.”Accelerate Now’s digital marketing plan for Tanya’s firm was built around this education-centric approach. It included a new website design with fast website hosting, comprehensive practice area web pages, HD videos, eBooks, email nurturing, 24/7 live chat, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and paid ads.

The Transition to Accelerate Now Was Seamless 

Tanya chose Accelerate Now for a number of reasons. Among them, she said, was, “The ease of working with them and the fact that I had control over my data. It was super easy to record my videos. It was very relaxed. I felt like the approach was tailored to me, and it wasn’t this off-the-shelf approach in which they sell the same package to every lawyer that goes to them.”For the value she received, Tanya said her participation in the process was not time consuming, recalling that she reviewed the site in draft form over one weekend.“It didn’t disrupt my practice. I know I didn’t carve out time from my workday,” she said.

The Results Were Pretty Dramatic

Tanya’s improved website, social media, improved SEO, and pay-per-click investment produced dramatic results in only two months. She smiles when she notes that these days a “slow month” means obtaining around 12 cases from her website.“At least once a quarter, I’ll have what I call a ‘wild’ month. My highest was 27. Just this first quarter, I had one month where I brought in 22 cases from my web presence.  So pretty amazing!” she said.Tanya said her cases have an average case value of $50,000.

Tanya’s Website from Accelerate Now Converts Visitors into Clients

When it comes to Accelerate Now’s services, Tanya has found a lot to like.“Besides the results which are pretty obvious, I’ve tried to look at other opportunities, and nothing matches what I have here. I like that I have the ability to make a change on the site myself, if I want to. It’s very easy to make a change.“I also love the ability to track. The tracking component helps my assistant really narrow down exactly where the lead came from, whether it was a chat, whether it was after they watched a video,” Tanya said.If forced to pick what she likes best, however, she says, “Hands down, the videos. People call me every week and say, “I watched all of your videos,” so it works.To other attorneys considering a website or digital marketing program from Accelerate Now, Tanya says, “The old way of generating legal business has changed.  The idea that your friends are going to send you their conflicts, or you’re going go to some bar event and pick up clients — even if that happens is limited.  People are going to pick up their phone or their device, and they’re going to Google.“If you don’t have a presence out there — a presence that allows you to convert those looks at you into leads — you’re losing out on a lot of business.“I grew a practice bigger than most of my colleagues in the state over the course of two years. I’m two years out of law school, and I have a really significant practice. I credit my digital marketing and my relationship with Accelerate Now for me being able to grow so wildly, so fast.”

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Here is Tanya’s new and improved website: tanyafreeman.law

About Tanya Freeman

Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney At Law is a New Jersey law firm advocating for clients in Divorce, Family Law, Child Custody, Child Support, Alimony, and Domestic Violence. Based in East Hanover, and Jersey City, Tanya L. Freeman, Attorney At Law is ready to help resolve your legal problem.

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