Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Consistently Gets Quality Cases From the Internet

Nassau County, FL

Practice Area:
Personal Injury

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Consistently Gets Quality Cases From the Internet

Location:Nassau County, FL

Practice Area:Personal Injury

New cases per month

Average Case Value

30 days
Received first case from the internet

Generated Traffic in a Very Short Time

Shawn and his team have revamped my website and marketing in a significant way. They are very knowledgeable and insightful in terms of lawyer marketing. Their work has already generated traffic in a very short period of time! I am very pleased with the results as my marketing has gotten off the ground with them.
Paul Boone
Attorney At Law


Once Accelerate Now launched the new website and marketing program, Paul saw results even before he expected to. The law firm is now picking up two new cases a month from his digital marketing plan, with an average case value of between $100,000 and $150,000.

Paul Boone is an experienced personal injury lawyer serving Nassau County, FL – just north of Jacksonville, Florida. When Paul is not practicing law, he enjoys going to the beach with his wife and watching the Florida Gators play football, baseball, or basketball.

Before partnering with Accelerate Now, Paul’s practice faced several challenges. He described his marketing as sporadic at best. The results, he said, were stagnant.

“I had an existing website that hadn’t had any activity or changes over the years. It was producing virtually no traffic at all,” Paul said.

Without his website bringing clients to him, there was a lot more weight on Paul’s shoulders to make sure the firm had cash flow to fund cases and pay overhead. In his own words, the website “produced virtually nothing.”

Paul saw an Accelerate Now training session by Senior Consultant Shawn Grant at a Florida Justice Association annual meeting of trial lawyers.

“I was very impressed with Shawn’s presentation at our trial lawyer’s annual meeting. I could tell he really knew what he was talking about, and he spoke the trial lawyers’ language.

In addition, Accelerate Now limits their company to helping lawyers, and in my experience over the years, that makes a huge difference. Marketing companies are a dime a dozen, and they will say they can help you; they can build out your website, etcetera, etcetera. But unless they know how a lawyer thinks, how they practice, and what goes into the day-to-day aspects of running a law office, it’s worthless.” said Paul.

An Education-Centric Legal Website

Shawn and his team explained to Paul that these days, clients do the majority of their research online. In fact, on average, 60% of a potential client’s decision-making process is done before picking up the phone to contact a law firm.  If the website of a law practice doesn’t provide quality educational content to its visitors, it is easy to see why the law firm is failing to consistently attract quality new cases online.

The team further emphasized that the website’s educational content must be relevant to the legal issues of those they seek to attract.  Paul’s website would need to teach prospective clients what to do and what not to do regarding their specific legal issue.  The website would also need to teach potential clients a little bit about the legal process.

Shawn also told Paul, “You will frustrate the people searching for answers on your website by not providing educational information.  When your web visitors feel let down, they aren’t likely to schedule a legal consultation to get the information they need. They will probably look elsewhere.

“Your old website’s lack of educational content is hurting your law practice’s success online.  Turning this around will increase the number of legal cases you attract each month from the internet.  The educational information of your new site will drive its visibility, and help you attract more quality case each month.”

Accelerate Now presented Paul with a digital marketing plan that is education-centric. The plan included fast website hosting, a new website design, comprehensive practice area web pages, HD video production, eBooks, email nurturing, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and 24/7 live chat.

Paul decided to move forward with Accelerate Now.

An Easy Transition 

Paul was very happy to find the process of transitioning his old website to the new one Accelerate Now created very easy.

“Easy is an understatement. I didn’t have to do a thing. Accelerate Now took care of all the details of transferring the hosting and all the other things I don’t understand. They basically said ‘leave it to us.’ The result was outstanding.”

“My time in the transition and construction of the new website was minimal. Accelerate Now needed to know what I do, what my practice is, but it wasn’t onerous. It wasn’t burdensome. There were minor modifications once they gave me a prototype of the website, but beyond that, there was very little of my time needed to get us up and running.”

The Results Were Pretty Dramatic

Once Accelerate Now launched the new website and marketing program, Paul saw results even before he expected to.

“I recall Shawn had said not to expect anything for 90 days, but we picked up our first case within 30 days, maybe 45. It was a lot sooner than what anyone predicted,” Paul said.

The law firm is now picking up two to three new cases a month from his digital marketing plan, with an average case value of between $100,000 and $150,000.

“As they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ It’s generated phone calls, which have generated cases.

“I love it all, but I really love that notification that comes on my monitor when that phone call comes in through the website because that’s the name of the game, converting the phone calls, and the sooner I get to them, the sooner I can start talking to them and convert the call.

“That part has been worth its weight in gold. I’ll tell you that right now,” Paul said.

What Paul Likes About Accelerate Now

Paul is pleased with how Accelerate Now’s team handles all aspects of his digital marketing.

“The thing I like best about Accelerate Now’s marketing is that they do it all. I don’t have to birddog the website or any changes to it. They manage everything, including the analytics, so I don’t have to remember what it all means.

“If someone is looking for a marketing company to develop, build-out, and run their website, I’d say give Accelerate Now a call. They speak the language, which is head-and-shoulders above what most marketing companies can do.

“Accelerate Now limits its clients to lawyers, which is another big thing. They also limit the number of lawyers per geographic location, which I think is a plus.

“Every lawyer’s got to make their own decision, obviously, and their needs may be different from mine, but my goodness, give Accelerate Now a call and give them a chance for sure,” Boone said.

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Here is Paul’s new and improved website: https://www.paulboonelaw.com/

About Paul Boone

Paul Boone helps injured people and families of loved ones killed throughout the entire state of Florida including Nassau County, Jacksonville, recover for their losses caused by the negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct of another person or business. Paul Boone offers valuable assistance at a very difficult, stressful time.

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