Make no mistake about it Shawn is a genius. We all may be great trial lawyers but he is great at website development and SEO maximization.  – Papa Don Keenan  

Don Keenan

Betsey Herd

Our business at Morgenstern & Herd has grown substantially since Accelerate Now took over our website. We have tried Lexis, WestLaw, and never did we have the results that we have had since we’ve contracted and obtained the services of Accelerate Now. At Morgenstern & Herd, we couldn’t be happier with our website or the results. I wholeheartedly recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys. Our business at Morgenstern & Herd has grown substantially since Accelerate Now took over our website. We couldn’t be happy with our website, or the results. – Betsey Herd 

The results we have received have been fantastic. New clients are calling all the time and we’re also getting good name recognition from those people that we have helped before.

One of the things that I’m asked is would we ever recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys who are looking to increase their web presence. From our standpoint, their group took us from being relativity obscure in web searches to being on the first page for almost all relevant terms that we consider important. I would truly recommend them to any attorney that was interested in really blowing out of the water any type of public exposure using web marketing. – Richard Nicotra

Rick Nicotra

Robert Maranto

Prior to meeting with Accelerate Now I can honestly say that our web presence was minimal if anything. We had always been a firm that operated on the theory that by doing good work, we would continue to grow our practice. Since coming on with Accelerate Now our web presence has grown dramatically. Our case intake has increased because of that presence. Our website is flawless, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible. – Robert Maranto 

Since I started working with Accelerate Now, my business has really improved. My client leads have gone from referrals to almost 100% online. When people come into my office they not only say they found me online, they say that they read my blogs and they watched my videos. That’s what brought them into the office. – Tanya Freeman 

Tanya Freeman

Susan S

Right from the beginning your team has over performed and exceeded all my expectations. I can tell you honestly that I’m a raving fan, and I tell all my friends about Accelerate Now!

My experience with Accelerate Now has been over the top. I think anyone who doesn’t engage in a business relationship with them to host your website, and support it with SEO is making a mistake. These guys are awesome, and I’m serious! – Susan Scheer  

The program we have with Accelerate Now is working really well. I really wanted a program that would bring qualified leads into my office, and that’s happening. I didn’t want to be handling an excess number of calls from people who were just shopping, and who weren’t sure what they needed to do. I really needed the qualified leads and that has happened for sure. – Jean Mahserjian

Jean Mahserjian

Arthur Pressman

I have been with Accelerate Now for over a year, and it’s the best thing I ever did. They have been very professional and have lived up to their word by keeping me in the top of the Google rankings. I couldn’t have asked for better results! – Arthur Pressman 

What Accelerate Now has done to our website is incredible. It has brought in a ton of new clients, it’s easy to navigate and the quality is there. They do an excellent job! – Ashley

Ashley Mahserjian

Randy Gugino

I have had a very pleasant experience working with Shawn in developing our program. He is very attentive, comes in on a regular basis, and is always available for inquires. As far as the program itself is concerned, I’m very happy with the way that I am coming across to clients. – Randy Gugino