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5Don K via 

“Make no mistake about it Shawn is a genius. We all may be great trial lawyers but he is great at web site development, SEO maximization and a whole ton of stuff I’ve heard about but haven’t seen yet. He is beyond being a vendor, Shawn cares about our purpose and shares our passion. He ain’t cheap but he does fashion his estimates per the lawyer’s pocketbook and value of the case. For you and Shawn it’s a win‑win. Shawn’s been a real friend to the Edge. He’s revised several web sites, done some creative videotaping for us but even if he hadn’t I would still be writing this endorsement.” Papa Don

5 Kim Berg via

Accelerate Marketing created a nicely designed, interactive website targeting our client base and geographic area. They listened to our requests, incorporated social media, offered useful suggestions, worked collaboratively with us at all phases of website development and revision. We are very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend utilizing their services.

5Abilene R. via 

You all are the BEST marketing team I’ve worked with. You all are incredibly knowledgeable, quick to respond and execute, and follow through with what you say. It is a relief to have found you all. I am very happy. Hiring you has been like taking a fresh breathe of air.

5 Arthur Pressman via

Have worked with them for several years. They are very responsive and on top of things. My website is consistently ranked in the top two positions. They have phenomenal reporting and show you how your website is attracting new business. Highly recommend.

5Scott H. via 

I’ve been practicing for 30 years and have always had a very disappointing web presence with generic and even some specialty providers. As a last ditch effort, I signed up with an aggressive “pay-per-click” campaign which did not work out well at all. I decided that I had to make a change. I researched nightly for a couple of weeks and determined that Accelerate Now was the very best website company for law firms in the entire United States. I contacted Shawn and his response and follow-ups were immediate. It wasn’t two weeks, and he was at my office video taping me for the website, e-book and youtube. He and I are adding constantly to my site which is already damn good. He will increase your positive reviews ten-fold, get you on page one, and send you caller information. When I did my research, only Shawn’s company offered a cell phone “app” for my law firm. He helps you cover all the bases. Shawn is a good guy, straight-shooter and serious about helping you out. I can text him at 7:00 a.m or 7:00 p.m. and he always gets right back to me. So you definitely want to call him and sign up. If you are on the fence, consider this: you do NOT want your competition to have this guy!

5 Richard Nicotra via

Shawn and his team have taken my firm from page 4 to Google page 1 consistently. Accelerate has increased our online presence dramatically, thereby increasing our client base.

5 Ashley via

Accelerate Marketing is professional, courteous and incredibly attentive to our needs. They have continued kept our Law Office website looking professional and updated, and have created outstanding videos that help us educate our viewers. Our experience with Accelerate Marketing has been wonderful. Highly recommended!

5Rick N. via 

Prior to Accelerate Now we had a website that was built by one of the major media publishers in the area. This came with a very high price tag and they had no less than three different web technicians to deal with before it was built. When it was done, there were tons of errors and issues with functionality and appearance. Worst of all they weren’t responsive. We would often send two or three emails asking for a correction or to pull something down and get no response. Once Shawn and his team got involved, they rebuilt everything. Our firm went from being way down in Google Search to being on the first page on almost everything that we feel is relevant. The results we have received have been fantastic. New clients are calling all the time and we’re also getting good name recognition from those people that we have helped before. One of the things that I’m asked is would we ever recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys who are looking to increase their web presence. From our standpoint, their group took us from being relativity obscure in web searches to being on the first page for almost all relevant terms that we consider important. I would truly recommend them to any attorney that was interested in really blowing out of the water any type of public exposure using web marketing.

5 Jean Mahserjian via

Outstanding service, excellent results, awesome responsiveness. There isn’t much more that I can write. Shawn and his team have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that our website and marketing are cutting edge and effective.

5 Carrie Schultz via

This might be a long review. Why? Because I have too much nice and wonderful things to say about Accelerate Marketing, Shawn, and the whole team. I will first say that I come from one of those larger marketing companies that specialize in law firms. I was spending a lot of money and receiving zero customer service, not to mention only limited results. When my contract expired, I did 25+ hours of research on other marketing companies comparing them side by side. Accelerate won the bid. And I am so pleased. I could truly not be happier. Shawn and his team are willing to tailor your marketing needs to what you want and need, always willing to give sage advice. They really have your back and they actually give a sh&#t about you. It is also really great how responsive and communicative everyone at Accelerate is. Beyond all of that, if you are wondering about results, my phone has not stopped ringing. I need to hire people now because of the increase in business (good problem to have). They have accomplished in less than a month, what that other large company (who shall remain nameless) could not do in two years. My website looks amazing (which was custom tailored by the way) and I am so proud to show it off. You will not be disappointed by using Accelerate. I finally found “my guys”. Thank you!!

5Robert M. via 

Prior to meeting with Accelerate Now I can honestly say that our web presence was minimal if anything. We had always been a firm that operated on the theory that by doing good work, we would continue to grow our practice. Since coming on with Accelerate Now our web presence has grown dramatically. Our case intake has increased because of that presence. Our website is flawless, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible.

5 Allison Plummer via

Working with Accelerate Marketing has been a wonderful experience. They are extremely knowledgeable and have delivered amazing results for our practice. The Accelerate Marketing team is very responsive and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a stronger website and internet marketing program.

5Donna G via 

Great experience. Been with them for years. Very pleased

5 Cynthia Hanley via

I am very pleased with the services provided by Accelerate Marketing and the results achieved. They re-designed our website to be very informative. Our clients often comment on how helpful it is. I highly recommend Accelerate Marketing.

5Arthur P via 

Longtime client with a consistent record of great results from Accelerate. Very responsive to client needs. Have a great product and great service. I’ve gotten great results, always number one in my Google+ category. Couldn’t be happier.

5 Michael Schmitt via

I have been using Accelate Marketing for a few months now and am very happy with the results that I have seen. Shawn Grant and his team are top notch and get the job done.

5 Steve Hietanen via

Shawn with Accelerate Now Marketing has opened our eyes to a successful SEO plan and digital marketing tools.

5Jerry G via 

I know nothing about internet marketing . So Accelerate has helped us immensely to have some quality internet marketing.

5 Carl Spector via

I sought out Accelerate Marketing to work with them! I was looking to increase my earnings by increasing my visibility on the internet, IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. I choose right. The people at Accelerate Marketing know what they are doing and my bottom line is growing. I highly recommend them to anyone that wishes to take their practice to the next level, just don’t do it in my backyard 🙂

5 Susan Scheer via

My experience with Accelerate Marketing has been phenomenal. I have been working with their team for over a year and they have over performed from Day 1! From their immediate response to emails and phone calls to their amazing support with SEO and recording of videos, they have exceeded my expectations! I have been working for the last 10 years with other major players in the law firm marketing space, and the experience and results always came up short. If lawyers are looking to work with friendly, motivated, competent website and SEO professionals, look no further, you will not be disappointed. These guys are amazing!

5 Rich C. via

Great job! Shawn and his team were very helpful in marketing our business

5 Jerry Gambino via

I found this company to be very professional, but yet very friendly. We are getting our $$ worth.

5 Benny Frank via

The BEST !!

5 Ashely M. via 

Very professional. Quality of work is excellent.