Video Marketing For Law Firms

Life has become fast-paced, and busier than ever.

People have become increasingly internet savvy.

Your clients are spending a lot of time online watching videos.

Video marketing is the latest trend in law firm marketing, and is getting bigger and bigger every year.

A single minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words.

Your chances of getting a page one listing on Google increases by 53 times when you use video.

On average, visitors will stay two minutes longer when they watch a video.

In 2018, video now accounts for 90% of all internet traffic.

87% of digital marketers utilize video in their marketing efforts.

65% of people end up visiting the website after watching a video.

Every month, YouTube has over one billion unique visitors.

Almost 90% of all social media users follow their brand’s videos online.

Posts that include video links attract three times more visitors than those without.

Videos are 100% more socially engaging than a text or image post.

According to recent studies, video marketing for law firms can increase your website click-through rate, improve your exposure, boost social engagement, improve conversions by 46%, and improve the impact of your brand by 139%.

If your law firm doesn’t produce educational online videos, you need to start now.

Your potential clients are watching them, following them, and making decisions based on them.

If your law firm does not utilize online video, you are behind the competition.

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