Trade Show Geo-Fencing

Advanced Digital Trade Show Marketing

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Our trade show geo-fencing program is an advanced, location-based mobile advertising program that allows trade show exhibitors the opportunity to market to the mobile devices of event attendees and serve targeted, intelligent advertisements to those mobile devices.

Our technology tracks the mobile phone’s ID, not the smartphone users’ personal information, so there are no privacy concerns.  The attendees, with mobile devices, are served our ads and they able to take advantage of more special offers, deals, etc. while maintaining their privacy.

We provide you with two main targeted trade show geo-fencing opportunities.  You can target attendees live at the event or you can target the attendees from past trade shows.

Let’s look at a real word example.  In this example, we look at a dental products company.  The dental products company sells to dental practices and they go dental trade shows to build brand awareness and secure new clients.

The dental products company has two main trade show challenges: (1) they don’t always get as much exposure at the dental show as they would like and (2) they aren’t able to physically get to all trade shows they would like to advertise at.

Our trade show geo-fencing is perfect for the dental products company.

During dental trade shows, we set up a geo-fence around the trade show locations and serve ads to all the event attendees. After the trade shows are over, we continue to advertise to attendees to drive even more awareness to the dental products company.

Use trade show geo-fencing to enhance your trade show marketing results.  If you have any questions about our smart ad technology, please give us a call.  We would love to help you.