SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your website? Have you been looking for ways to do that? We are experienced in SEO and content marketing and would be more than glad to discuss how we use those skills to build your brand online.

SEO and Content Marketing | Giving Google What They Want

When we talk about search engine optimization and content marketing, we’re talking about the section below the ads on a web search. A lot of people talk about search engine optimization separate from content marketing. If you think about what Google really wants, Google wants your website to produce a lot of high-quality, valuable information, and educational content. There shouldn’t be a separate conversation about search engine optimization and content marketing. It should be one in the same. What you want to do is focus on creating high quality content. The technical SEO needs to be done correctly, which we’ll talk about later.

SEO and Content Marketing | High Quality Content

The bottom line is stay focused and aligned with what Google wants your website to do, which is nothing more than producing a lot of high quality informational content. You want to teach people about their specific legal issue. The more we teach them, the better we’re going to be. When you look at what websites are going to perform well now and into the future, it’s going to be the websites that simply produce more high quality content than other firms in their neighborhood. Focus on high quality educational content.

SEO and Content Marketing | Content Rich Website

The next thing that you want to think about is you want your website to be content rich. You want a lot of good written content, video content, definitive guide blog post and e-books. You want to give people the opportunity when they’re on your website to submit their email so that they can get your information. They might not be ready to contact you.

Let’s say they’re in a serious car wreck over the weekend. They’re on your website, and they’re not really in the mood to be contacting anybody. They might submit their email on your website, and then in return getting your content sent to them by email. Day one you send the e-book. It’s the car crash injury guide. Day two you send a video from the education series and so on. You’re constantly driving them back to your website so they can’t forget about you, and they’re learning more about their specific legal issue along the way, which is critically important.

If you want help with your SEO and content marketing, please contact us today for a free consultation to hear how we can help you find more success online.

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