Attorney Mobile Apps

If you are here you are looking for ways to help you law firm be more mobile-ready, so you don’t lose cases to more internet savvy competitors.

Today, over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Is your law firm missing out on the opportunity to connect with potential clients on their smart phone devices? 

Mobile apps create immediate access to you and your firm, literally putting you in the palm of your clients’ hands.

Mobile apps act as a dynamic and interactive online business cards that promote client retention, and new referrals.

Our custom law firm mobile apps include practice area videos, informative eBooks, click-to-call functionality, built in GPS directions to your office, access to your firm’s social media platforms, and more.

Pricing: Our SEO clients get individual mobile apps for all practice areas and attorneys at no additional cost. If you would like to purchase individual attorney, practice area, or law firm mobile apps, please contact our office for a quote.



Personal injury accidents happen when you least expect it. The Florida personal injury resource app by Morgenstern & Herd helps accident victims understand their rights and obligations under the law when injured due to the negligence of another person. It includes informational videos, and educational resources that provide answers to your most frequently asked personal injury questions. It also allows users to connect with an experienced attorney with the touch of a button.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

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Attorney Betsey Herd

I wholeheartedly recommend Accelerate Now to other attorneys. Our business at Morgenstern & Herd has grown substantially since Accelerate Now took over our website. We couldn’t be happy with our website, or the results.

Attorney Betsey T. Herd / Morgenstern & Herd, PA


The immigration law resource app by The Scheer Immigration Law Group provides easy access to educational videos, and informational resources to help you better understand the nuances involved in United States immigration law. It also allows you to connect with an experienced immigration attorney with the touch of a button.

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Attorney Susan W. Scheer

I can tell you honestly, I am a raving fan and I tell all my lawyer friends about Accelerate Now Everything from fast response to phone calls, emails, shooting the videos, totally outrageous, something I never thought I would do before, but because of all your encouragement and support you’ve allowed me to offer something on my website that I never thought was possible!  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

Attorney Susan W. Scheer / The Scheer Immigration Law Group


Put the power of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the palm of your hand. The New Jersey criminal defense resource app is packed with powerful information, and educational resources to help those in need of criminal defense. You never know when you may need an attorney, but you can rest assured knowing you can connect with one with the touch of a button. Download the app today so you know you’re protected if the unthinkable happens.

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Attorney Carl Spector

I sought out a company that had the highest rating websites of their region. I wanted to be one of those high ranking websites in my region. I’m a local practice, but I’m also in a very, very, very competitive market. I chose Accelerate Now because they had an actual marketing plan that involved redoing my website’s design, putting together custom law firm mobile apps, educational videos, and actual visits with me, to discuss how I was doing and how to improve the website, and most importantly the return. I’m happy to say I’ve been getting more calls, more emails, and more chats, and all of that has happened in a relatively short period of time. I’m very satisfied with their attention to me and my business.  Check Out Our Attorney Guide

Attorney Carl Spector / Law Office of Carl Spector