Advanced Attorney SEO and Content Marketing Webinar

Shawn Grant, Founder and Owner of Accelerate Now Law Firm Marketing

SEO Certified Trainer, Google Analytics Certified, Google Mobile Sites Certified, Google Search Advertising Certified, Google Display Advertising Certified, Google Video Advertising Certified, Google Mobile Advertising Certified, Google Shopping Advertising Certified, and Bing Accredited Professional Certified.


Webinar and Support Resources:

  1. Webinar (Replay)
  2. Slide Deck
  3. Legal Video Question Lists
  4. Sample Educational Videos
  5. Questions and Answers

What You Will Learn:

    • What may be causing your law firm’s website to fall behind online
    • Why you may be having limited success with your website
    • What advanced attorney SEO and content marketing looks like
    • What results you can expect from an advance law firm SEO program
    • How to produce video content
    • How to create high quality eBooks and email nurturing programs
    • Where and how to publish your new educational content
    • How to track your program’s success

I hope you find the keys you are looking for to start performing better online in your neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Shawn Grant

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