Creating Great Content

Creating Great Content

Creating Great Content

One of the biggest, if not the most important, aspects of being successful online relates to creating great content for your website. People need to connect to you and having a website full of rich, educational content is the way to go if you want to drive more traffic and attention to what you do.

Creating Great Content | Perform Better Online

If you want to perform better online today, it’s really important that you get focused on creating great web content. What is great web content for a trial lawyer’s website? Great web content is comprehensive practice area pages. Think about all of your main practice area pages, if you support construction injuries, slip and fall injuries, car wreck injuries, truck wreck injuries, bus injuries and so on, each one of those main practice areas should have a comprehensive web page written for it. The web page itself shouldn’t be thin in content. You really want your content to be comprehensive and in depth.

Creating Great Content | Practice Area Pages

One of the easy ways to help is to create practice area pages that are a minimum of 1500 words. On top of that, you want to support that practice area page content with good educational video content. We can show you some attorneys that are doing this really well and go through some of the questions that they answer in the video content. We can show you definitive guide blog posts which come from the video content itself, and then talk a little bit about educational videos series in a free consultation.

Creating Great Content | Benefits of Educational Content

There are the content pieces that I think are important for a trial lawyer to produce in order to have a lot of success online. It’s not just with Google. When you take this educational content approach, you’re going to see benefits all over the place. It’s a great way for you to demonstrate your legal expertise. It also helps you build your brand in your local legal community, and it’s a great way for you to introduce potential clients to your attorneys and your law firm. Not only that, you’ll get better, more educated clients when they do come in for their appointments. Lastly, you’re going to perform better on Google and the major search engines, which is going to lead to better cases and more business and a more prosperous practice, both now and into the future.

If you are looking for more guidance with creating great content, please contact us for a free consultation to hear how we can help you find more success online.

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